• <font style='color:#BFCD21'> كريم جابر ساقر – 38 سنة </font> <hr />ساعدني قرض المشاريع على مضاعفة إنتاج أرضي ودعم عائلتي!
  • <font style='color:#BFCD21'>لقاء عبد المحسن – 36 سنة </font> <hr />أصبحت قادرة على تزيين وشراء المزيد من الأدوات لصالون تصفيف شعر النساء. شكراً لك مؤسسة الاسكان التعاونية
  • <font style='color:#BFCD21'>احمد جاسم - 25 سنة </font> <hr />ساعدني قرض المجموعة الأول بإنشاء مشروع التنجيد الخاص بي. الآن أنا أقوم بتزويد الأثاث بالجملة للفنادق في النجف
  • <font style='color:#BFCD21'>ايمان شمس حسين – 51 سنة</font> <hr />بمساعدة قرض المشاريع ، أنشأت ورشة نجارة خاصة بي و زدت من مدخولي

Latest News

Keeping up with the yearly Ramadan tradition, we at CHF ACSI have carried out food donations to a large number of needy families in the Najaf and Muthana provinces. This was made possible with the cooperation of the Deputy Governor of Muthana province, Mr. Adel Nazek Al Yasiri, and the First Deputy Chairman of the ... Read More

During the month of June, CHF ACSI widely celebrated its 10th Anniversary of operations in Iraq. Festivities were held at each of our offices and branches, to commemorate and emphasize this remarkable jubilee. The invitees included the company employees, in addition to the loyal borrowers of the 10th loan cycle and above. During the events, certificates were distributed to

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As a way to support and encourage the Iraqi youth, CHF ACSI attended the graduation ceremonies of two of the largest universities in Iraq, Basra and Babel Universities. During the events, our representatives presented valuable gifts to the top faculty graduates in the name of CHF ACSI. We were happy to share the joy  with... Read More